Return Policies

As the leading machine gun dealer in the industry, we know what customers want: high quality machine guns at fair prices without any risk. This is what sets apart from the crowd!

Why us? We have THE BEST return policy in the business. As NFA dealers with over 21 years in the business, we realize the potential pitfalls of sending a stranger $4000, $5000, or even $35,000 for a firearm you have never seen in person and held in your hand. This is why we back our machine guns with a 100% no hassle return guarantee.

BEFORE you buy from anyone, ask these questions:

1. Is your description accurate? We see some dealers advertising refinished guns without ever stating this. Refinishing can affect value!
2. Do you offer a 100% refund if I am not satisfied? If not, maybe that is the wrong person to trust!
3. If I am not happy, will you pay for my return shipping charges? NFA Sales will reimburse the buyer for the firearm and shipping if not satisfied.
Buyers: you are being asked to send 5K, 10K, 25K and more. If your potential seller doesn’t give good honest descriptions AND back up their product with a 100% refund guarantee, maybe you are dealing with the wrong people. We see buyers and sellers get taken advantage of everyday. Don’t become one of them.

Our policy: If you purchase a NFA firearm via F3 and are not happy for ANY reason, have your dealer F3 it back to us for a 100% refund. You, as purchaser, have three days from the day your dealer receives the item to notify us via email of your intent to return it. Upon receipt, we will refund 100% of your purchase price AND your return USPS registered mail costs. That simple! This return policy applies to all registered machine guns excluding NIB guns and any form 4 transfer purchases.

All NIB gun sales are final.
All F4 transfer purchases are final. Buyers are welcome to visually inspect any item prior to purchase. Once the form 4 is sent to the ATF the purchase is considered final.
All sales of suppressors and auto sears are final.
All parts sales are final.

In 21 years, we have had only ONE machine gun returned. Considering how many we have sold, we feel this is an excellent record of our representation of condition.

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