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SAR 48 Match $23,500 Sold


Excellent condition and very rare SAR 48 Match. Test fired only and in near mint condition, Manufactured in Brazil and sold in the United States by Springfield, this SAR48 is one of a limited known quantity of factory original automatics; estimates on total number are less than 20. Built around the original metric pattern receiver, this is about as close as one can expect to get to the original Belgian-made military FAL. In near mint condition with post front and tangent peep rear sights, a ported flash hider on the muzzle, sling swivel partway back down the barrel, and an adjustable gas port with grenade settings. The lower receiver has a set of “S/R/A” selector markings, and “S.A.R.-48/7.62MM SF-1002” on the left side of the upper receiver and the Springfield address on the right.Folding stock with two magazines.

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