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Glock Sear, M16 Sear, RPD lower FREE to FFL with Law Letter


Three NFA Items that require a law letter.I will accept any reasonable offer for one or all three. Purchased on a no law letter but now wish to sell to a SOT.

Ready to eFile.


The Soviet Ruchnoy Pulemet Degtyaryeva (RPD) light machine gun was developed near the end of World War II, shortly after Russians adopted the destined to be famous M43 7.62x39mm cartridge. However, the RPD was not issued in large numbers until the 1950s. Although some considered the intermediate 7.62x39mm round too anemic for use in a light machine gun, testing revealed that lethality of the 123 grain bullets was quite satisfactory at normal combat engagement distances. The smaller cartridge allowed the infantryman to field a truly “light” belt-fed machine gun. The use of a fixed barrel kept the weight to a minimum and the design uncomplicated. The operator of the RPD was trained to fire the weapon in short bursts to extend barrel life.


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