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1942 Thompson $27,995


This is a museum quality Savage M1 Thompson machine gun and is the finest I have ever seen. This gun with serial number 221xx was built the same day as the Thompson presented to General George Patton. General Patton’s serial number is 21914. All numbers match including the upper and lower.

The gun is stamped RLB for the inspector Lt Colonel Ray L. Bowlin. The RLB markings are only found on the early M1 Thompsons.

The frame also has a clear GEG which is the Auto-Ordnance acceptance stamp of “GEG” for George E. Goll.  The “GEG” stamp appears twice; once on the receiver nose, and once above the magazine well.  George E. Goll was the longest serving employee of Auto-Ordnance, beginning as General Thompson’s chauffeur, and he ended up becoming the President of the Auto-Ordnance Division of Maguire Industries during WWII. The words FULL AUTO are marked on two lines.

The gun has the L type rear sight, smooth paddle type safety and rocker pivot, no reinforcing bolt in the buttstock. and a 1928 magazine catch.

The gun has only been test fired and runs great. All parts are original as built in 1942 and the stock is in perfect condition. The gun comes with two WWII 30 round mags.


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