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Incoming Machine Guns

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Here is a partial list of incoming guns.

MAC 10/45 Powder Springs.
MP5K with operational briefcase.
S&W 76.
Sterling by Don’s Gun Shop.
AK (full stock).
Vector full size Uzi.
Vector mini-Uzi.
Sterling built by DLO.
SWD M11/9 in box. Excellent.
AC556 13″ blue folder.
Full size Group Industries Uzi. Green furniture.
MP5 full size sear gun.

We have over 20 more inbound machine guns. Stay tuned….

We are particular about what we purchase.  We don’t buy low grade junk like Thompsons that have been chrome plated and then try to peddle this junk to uneducated buyers using catchy descriptions such as “unique”. If you have quality guns to sell, we are your top dollar buyers.