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Are you interested and fascinated with machine guns? You found the right place!
If you are looking for a NFA Dealer with honesty and integrity you came to the right place.
Who are we? NFA Sales is one of the most trusted dealers in the machine gun business with over 24 years experience.

How do we back our products? With the BEST return policy in the business. See our policies page for details.

WHERE ARE ALL THE GUNS? We sell many guns before they even hit our website. Please email with your want list, and we will notify you if we have your specific item come available. Looking on the net, you will find various sites, some with quite a few duplicates of the same gun for sale. Sometimes this is due to being overpriced. You can use as a general guide to value. We love the site, but it does have drawbacks. A particular model with few advertised for sale may have prices skewed to the high side but few trade at those prices. Guns with several offered frequently will have a more realistic valuation on the site. Remember, that is a general price guide but does not necessarily reflect what prices many are traded for. So, before you buy or sell, look over the site for a general guideline, and also, just as important, get more than one offer before you buy or sell.

BEFORE YOUR BUY OR SELL WITH ANYONE, check prices. You may find a big difference that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Buyers and sellers get taken advantage of every day. Don’t be one of them. If you are looking for machine gun dealers with fair prices and honest answers, you found the right place.

With over 24 years in the business we have had the pleasure of offering Colt M16’s, M16 conversions, IMI Uzis, full size and mini Vector Uzis, British Stens, Sterlings, MAC 10’s , SWD M11, M11A1, AC556, belt fed machine guns, Thompson machine guns, MP5 of all variations, Reisings, M2 carbines, AK’s, and many more. If you don’t see what you want in out current offerings please send an email with your needs.

NOTE: All items subject to prior sale. Prices subject to change. We offer a 90 day interest free lay-a-way.

We Efile all dealer to dealer transactions. Most are approved within 24-72 hours and are promptly shipped. Pay via wire transfer and expect your firearm usually within a week. We ship all NFA items USPS registered mail.