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We have built a solid reputation as one of the highest paying dealers in the country. We don’t try and lure sellers in with “free boxes” gimmicks and then low ball the offer. After all, nothing is free!

Call us for a top dollar offer at 866-NFA-1934. Others promise, we deliver!

20 Years & Counting

2019 marks over two decades of buying and selling NFA firearms. We have seen the NFA market explode with new hobbyists, collectors, and shooters. As supplies have dwindled and more people have entered the hobby, prices have risen astronomically. After twenty years, we can say, without hesitation, that there is no better hobby that can match the pleasure and enjoyment NFA has to offer!

We Trade

We accept NFA firearms and title 1 firearms on trade. We will work with you!

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NFA Sales has been a federally licensed firearms dealer for nearly two decades now, and for the better half of that time NFA Sales has successfully managed to maintain their business while dealing with weapons of the highest quality. Through the buying and selling of hundreds of rare and exotic NFA weapons – from belt fed machine guns, Heckler & Koch weapons, M16s, and more – NFA Sales’ knowledge and appreciation for the rich historical significance represented by these weapons has only grown over the years. And through it all, NFA Sales has consistently proven to be able to share insight and experience.  Whether it’s providing friendly, professional service through an estate appraisal, a NFA consultation, or simply talking shop, NFA Sales is eager to help. Once you shop with NFA Sales, you’re as good as family! But for all new customers, whether they’re seeking information on NFA weapons or title 1 weapons NFA Sales wants to let them know we like to keep things pretty simple: fair prices, honest answers, and the integrity to stand behind their products. You can call and ask us about the price of buying or selling your NFA weapons anytime – even if it’s just to feel sure you are getting a fair price.

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    Customer Reviews

    “As a new collector, I did some research before buying my first gun. I found prices to vary by a wide margin. After 2 weeks of searching I found NFA Sales.  They are true professionals, had the best prices I could find, and has the best return policy I could find. I encourage anyone considering buying or selling to talk to NFA Sales.”
    – MikeNFA VIP


    “I was able to stop into Tactical today and take a look at my UZI. WOW ! Looks great. The pictures didn’t do it justice. Thanks again”